Snake Oil

A friend and I are launching a handmade incense brand. We asked Grant Stiles to lend a hand for some watercolor art, and I designed the logo.

House of Love

HOL is a professional organizing service for those wishing to turn their homes into a sacred space. I designed the logo, branding and packaging and built their website.

Puerto Fuckin' Rico

My best friend needed a bachelorette party. I planned it, in Puerto Rico. And of course we needed a logo, and tote bags filled with fun beachy schwag, like this towel with a tiger on it, these really cool waterguns, and vintage sunglasses (duh).



My friends got married, and wanted a logo for their woodland-themed wedding near Yosemite National Park. The couple tied the knot at a former Boy Scout campground, and weekend activities included whiskey, bonfires and whiskey. There was also a cake made in the shape of a deer, which they cut with a vintage axe gifted to them by a friend. It was pretty awesome.